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Uproar Review

In 1981, the Springbok Tour took place in New Zealand, which caused protests and civil unrest for over a month. The Springbok Tour consisted of the South African rugby team, the Springboks, coming to New Zealand to play against various teams. Since the apartheid in South Africa mirrored what was going on in New Zealand, […]

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Frida Review

At the moment of this post, there are 16 documentaries, movies, and specials about Frida Kahlo. What makes the latest documentary, Frida, different is that director Carla Gutiérrez had access to hundreds of letters from Frida and uses the artist’s voice to tell her story. The final result is a fantastic look into, not only Frida’s

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Stopmotion Review

Many times we have seen movies where the artist lose their mind due to their art. In movies like Black Swan, Vincent & Theo, & Whiplash we see how far artists will go for their craft and as an audience, we are intrigued by the journey. In Stopmotion we are taking on the bizarre ride

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Dune 2 Review

George Lucas once said that he had to wait until the technology caught up to his imagination before returning to the Star Wars movies. I wonder if Frank Herbert were alive today how he would feel about this new iteration of Dune by Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve has taken Herbert’s book to another level with his

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The Settlers Review

Imagine this scenario: You work in the Tierra del Fuego and are digging holes for the fence the wealthy landowner is setting up. As you go about your duties, one of your fellow workers has an accident with the wire that is being tightened around the fence. As you watch in horror as this person

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Fitting In Review

As a teen growing up, I had a lot of things going on. From adjusting to being in high school, keeping grades up, and finding a group to fit in, high school can be rough. Now any teenager can relate to the problems listed, but when relationships come into play a whole new set of

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Argylle Review

Disclaimer: Our review of Argylle is pretty short because you can’t talk about the second half of the movie without giving away too much. We will keep this spoiler-free so as to not let the cat out of the bag! Imagine being an author and finding out that the works of fiction that you have

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