“Who wants $20?” Free screening of DADDY’S HOME in Chicago!

The last time Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were together in a movie it was in an off-beat police comedy called “The Other Guys” and I found it to be funny and strange at the same time.  It was a great premise and these two actors had a fun chemistry with each other.  Well, it […]

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Spider-Man ARG game!

If you like our Facebook page, you would have noticed that on Thursday we put up a post about Peter Parker’s dad, Richard Parker making a visit to Chicago later in the day.  Since I’m a huge Alternate Reality Game fan I was hoping to be able to participate, but I had a few errands

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Bane Poster Released

Yesterday was a big day for fans of the Batman films.  If you have been following the the alternate reality game, yesterday Operation Early Bird was released.  If you followed the link it showed a map of the United States and depending on your area you could have claimed passed to get into an early

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