Quick Update on What’s Happening.

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the delay in postings, but Gil and I have been really busy these past couple of weeks.  We are both taking summer classes and our course load is a little heavy, so we’ve been behind in putting up new content.  Do not fear, we do have some stuff we are working on and we have a new Fandad that has joined the family.  He will introduce himself in the coming months when his little girls give him the chance to use the computer.  I still have to give my opinion on the “Death of Spider-Man” and put up some video game reviews of games that I have been playing.  We also are going to try to do some weekly postings, like “Video Game Time” but maybe focusing on comics (I mean, we do read comics, after all) and maybe highlighting some of the other blogs that we read. 

Thank you for visiting us, supporting our page, and don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page when you get a chance.

Thanks again,
Gil and Victor,
The Fandads

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