The Cookie Monster Shirt.

Over the weekend I went to Wizard World to see some celebrities and buy some comics.  While I was there I looked around to see what I could get for my little girl.  She likes Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street so I went to the Stylin booth to see what kind of T-shirts they had.  While looking around I found the perfect shirt for her.

Other than Elmo, Cookie Monster is her favorite character.  She has a Cookie Monster toothbrush and is always asking for cookies so there was one shirt that stood out to me.  The shirt has a picture of Cookie Monster with the slogan: Got Cookies?  I knew right there that I had to get it!  When I got home and gave it to her she we crazy with excitement and wanted to put it on right then and there.

Dancing with her new shirt!

As the night drew to a close she did not want to take the shirt off and would run away when ever we tried to take it off her and put on her pajamas.  When she finally fell asleep I waited until she was really out and changed her into her pajamas. 

The next morning as my wife was getting ready for work, my little girl woke up and noticed that she was not wearing her shirt.  What happened next was priceless.  She grabbed her pajama shirt, started trying to pull it off while screaming.  Although it sounds awful, it was the funniest thing we saw.  As she cried trying to take off the shirt she kept saying “cookie, cookie!” Needless to say, we gave her the shirt and she wore it throughout the day again.

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